Making a good logo


Back in school, my books were covered with hand-drawn Nike Logos. I was not only obsessed with kitting out my wardrobe the brand, but also in drawing it, perfecting the swoosh, over and over again. I loved Nike, I liked that I could draw it. I had no idea about type or fonts or even what really made the logo great. But I knew I was fascinated. This logo evoked all kinds of emotions in me. What I didn't know then was that logos are always trying to capture something. What I did know then, I was in love at 10 years old.

We stopped a logo project one time. I started the work and presented the idea, but the client wanted more than we had agreed upon. The client told me about the last time they had gotten a logo for the price we discussed, and they had received option after option until they found the exact one they liked. They had sourced their last logo online, and that particular designer was willing to supply an endless amount of revisions.


I had to question my whole philosophy. Was I being honest and sincere to myself? Was I delivering this amazing experience for the client? I knew we couldn’t do a quick fix or keep revising the design to achieve the final deliverable. There was no budget. It wasn’t the client's fault - it was ours. I didn't help them understand our process.

Now, when you work directly with us we outline the process in detail. At the same time, we help you understand who your brand is and what it aspires to be.

Logo design takes time because there should be a process to create a good mark. I love to sketch, explore ideas and go on an amazing journey to deliver this. Logos should be meaningful and if in some 30+ years later somebody can still draw it from memory. Well, you’ve hit the jackpot.