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 Auckland Priests


The project

Priesthood is about people, usually ordinary men called to live an extraordinary life. Entering into seminary is a big step but it's a journey that one wouldn’t take alone.

That's the challenge we faced when Auckland Priests approached us to create a new identity for them. Could we create a brand that was relevant to a new generation of tech savvy males in touch with their spiritual side but sought the confidence and support from a new kind of church steeped in centuries of tradition and symbolism?


Project scope

Identity Design
Web Design and Development


Auckland Priests Discovery 


Client mood board

A branding project starts with a good conversation. We work hard in this discovery phase to understand the key values and requirements of the project. The clients vision needs to be unpacked so we dig deep to ensure we’re all singing the same song.

To help get us get in tune and feel the visual rhythm, we explore a ton of image references to curate an effective client mood board. Good communication makes this phase hum and sets the stage for a great encore.


The sketch phase

Getting ideas flowing on paper



After our initial exploration compiling a mood board, it was pretty clear we wanted to stay away from the cliched symbolism such as the cross. Though we did feel moving in the direction using the Ichthys ‘Fish’ Icon we could achieve something that would clearly identify Auckland Priests with Christian history.


Brand strengths

Love, hope, faith, emotional, community and strength.


Logo development

Working with the golden ratio circle to create the icon and final logotype

Golden ratio

Golden ratio



Golden ratio applied

Golden ratio applied


The logo identity

Breaking it down

Logo construction

Logo construction

Logo spacing

Logo spacing


 Colour Palette

Emotional and practical


The power of colour

The number one visual component that people remember most is colour. When it comes to branding, the power of colour is both emotional and practical. 2 shades of blue were selected to reinforce peace, trust, faith, truth, stability.



PMS 293C
CYMK 100, 80, 12, 3
RGB 0, 61, 166
HEX c03da6

PMS 292C
CYMK 56, 16, 0, 0
RGB 101, 178, 232
HEX 65b2e8

Black & White

CYMK 0, 0, 0, 100
RGB 0, 0, 0
HEX 000000

CYMK 0, 0, 0, 0
RGB 255, 255, 255
HEX ffffff


CYMK 0, 0, 0, 85
RGB 32, 32, 32
HEX 202020

CYMK 0, 0, 0, 26
RGB 187, 189, 191
HEX bbbdbf

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