5 quick, basic but super powerful business branding tools to create a strong branding impression.


Use a Proper Email Address

This is a biggie! Make your email address professional - no whacky or obscure ones like bobscat97@hotmal.com or silkymike@yahoo.com . . . it's a bad look. The best practice is to use yourname@yourcompany. Gmail is considered a pass as long as it is yourname@gmail.com


Business Cards

Communicate the basics: logo, name and contact information. Best not to go overboard and include age, horoscope blah blah blah (you know what we're saying).



Probably the most important branding tool you'll have! Usability is the key to a successful online presence, and design and planning play a huge role. Make sure your site is really easy to use.


Social Media Profiles

There’s a social platform for pretty much everything, and before you get fed up with sharing this and liking that, the goal is to ensure a consistent brand experience for your clients. Using the same colour palette across all platforms is a great start!


Email Signature

It's really tempting to include absolutely everything in your signature: about you, your social networks, and your company. But before you create your signature . . .  stop, and ask yourself, “What information do people really need to know about me?” Mentioning a recent item of kudos for your company is always a benefit . . . after all, it's free advertising.


About the author — George Bates

George is a passionate and award winning designer, but his life journey . . . to this point . . .  has been varied to say the least! A retired breakdancer, at one time a door-to-door salesman (he sucked!), he even tried his hand at panel beating! Part time DJ . . .  film junkie . . . keen hiker . . .  his leisure time is equally busy!

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